Android Spinner DatePicker&TimePicker

3 min readDec 26, 2020


Hello everyone, this will be my first post on Medium so I’m a little excited. In this article, I will introduce you to my android spinner datepicker library. I hope this post will help you with your work.

Each operating systems has its own unique libraries to help developers to use on their projects. Sometimes developer may needs some components which is not available by default. Because what exists limits our development process. In such cases, the developers have two options; They will either write theirs own library or use a pre-written library.

Today We’re going to talk about my DatePicker library. Before we start I would like to show you what we are going to achieve.

You are all of you are familiar with this image. But if you are android developer, You know that your don’t have it 😢. There is a good news for you, I developed it and publish as a library.

I think one question mark appeared on your mind. Can we use this library for View-based UI or Jetpack Compose UI? The answer is both of them.

To start use library you should do some configuration on your gradle files.

Now we are ready to use the DatePicker. As mentioned a few sentences ago, this library has jetpack compose support and also available to use xml or as a dynamic view.

Let’s start with Jetpack Compose

DatePicker compose usage
TimePicker compose usage

How to use in view-based UI


We can also do the same things programmatically with few lines of code.


We can also do the same things programmatically with few lines of code.

Popup usage

There is also a popup option to facilitate and assist the developer experience.

DarkMode Support

Appearing with Android 10 (API Level 29), Android Dark Mode is a feature that users frequently use. Therefore, the library also supports darkmode.

Finally enjoy your experience

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in your work :)

Also you can find fully implementation on my github account.




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